Hi, I'm Yuqing!

I am a Product/UX designer who is happiest when solving issues that can make an impact bringing my curiosity, empathy, and optimism.


Every day, I am curious about the world and the experiences that delight society.

I build products with a detail-oriented eye, focusing on skills in UX/UI Design and Product Design. 

I work on designing a healthcare's data science platform - ClosedLoop.ai, making it easy and affordable for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs.


I aspire to design to make the world a better place! ​​🌈✨

Feel free to reach out to me :)

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I catch beautiful moments:
Things I love:


On the road gives me an opportunity to become a participant in a totally different environment and experience a different life. I enjoy living anywhere, listen to people's life stories, and making new friends on my way.


Scuba Diving

I am a licensed scuba diver.  I enjoy being with a school of fish or being companied by turtles or jellyfish. The silent underwater world gives me a totally different perspective and makes me be respectful towards the world we live in.

Rock Climbing

I enjoy rock climbing. Every move is a challenge in itself, a problem-solving process that I explore to find a better position and balance, train myself to achieve a move, and overcome my fears.

Visiting a museum

I am a big fan of museums. Wherever I go, I visit the local museum and stay for a long time to read the story behind the artwork, artifact, and cultural relics.


Keeping a diary

I have been keeping a diary for 16 years. I treasure every experience that shapes my life. This helps me to face my mistakes, reflect on my experience, and never forget the kindness of other people and the beautiful world.