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Coupang UX Internship

Revolutionize the online retail experience from product search to purchase to delivery


During summer 2017, I interned at Coupang as a UX designer intern. Coupang is an e-commerce company which leverages innovative technologies and novel approach to set a new standard in mobile commerce and customer service in Korea and beyond. 


Powered by its proprietary technology infrastructure, Coupang offers the largest end-to-end fulfillment operation in Korea and one of the most revolutionary last-mile delivery services in the world. I worked on the Labor Management System (LMS) and Attendance Tracking System (ATS) to support our Rocket Delivery service.


UX Design

UI Design


Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

Product Iteration

Product Iteration

Working on Labor Management System and Attendance Tracking System, I collaborated with the design lead, product owners, and software engineers through multiple iterations. While I am unable to show more details due to NDA, here is a video showing the service we empower.

Video from Coupang

Icon Design


I design icons and other features for our products.

Some draft
What I learned

Creating Style Guide

Style Guide

We are integrating our products and style guide for sustainability and collaboration of our team. My work is collecting all elements from two products and putting forward the optimization.

My outcomes
What I learned


It was the first time for me to work in the industrial world, I kept learning a lot from every day, I can't show all the pictures due to the NDA, but I can tell you what I learned:

  • Before the internship, I cared only about interaction and interface. But UX is more than interfaces, UX is also about knowing your users and defining the product.

  • See the broader picture. When you are working on a task, it is not meat that you just need to focus on what you are assigned to do, you can also think more, like justify the whole context and beyond the specific feature or product to consider the product chain and even strategy of a company and so on.

  • No perfect product. Designers and product owners and engineers are continually working to optimize the experience under constraints.

  • Attention to detail is always required. Being precise and accurate by planning, reviewing, rechecking and etc.

Some of my work notes

Interning at Coupang greatly developed my professional UX design skills and understanding. I treasured every work opportunity and took down working journeys every day. In the journeys, I recorded my design thinkings and talked to myself about what I learned and what I could do better.

Internship Guideline
I also made a guideline based on my internship experience here to help future interns get used to the work.
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